Love Concert

Classical Music For The World organizes donation-only concerts to raise money for community improvements in Austin and around the world. This community service is accomplished through the generous donation of talent available from invited young and adult, amateur and professional musicians, as well as through all the caring members of the community dedicated to the cause. The result of all this support ties the beneficiary more strongly to the community, inspiring ongoing giving and sharing and increasing the potential for greater community stability and quality.

Agape Recital

CMFW believes that beautiful music has the power to heal, and so delivers live classical music to people with emotional and physical pain, and to people who often cannot easily venture out, thereby bringing the community to these people in retirement homes, nursing homes, children’s homes and hospitals they visit. In these intimate recitals, both audience members and musicians express their appreciation for one another. Through this interaction, CMFW teaches the importance of performance in music education which challenges musicians of all levels of talent and teaches that the true purpose of being a musician is giving and sharing.

Please note that Agape Recitals are not open to public. These performances are for the patients and residents of the hospitals and retirement homes we visit.

If you or your child is a musician and would like play in Agape Recitals, please click here for more information.

Master Class Series

CMFW offers free and open to the public master classes by local and international distinguished guest musicians. The classes are for both chamber music groups and for the soloists. Each session includes Q&A time with the masters. More emphasis is placed toward the participation of young musicians in this program.

Why Music?

CMFW conducts Why Music? series of lively interactive discussions on what music means to us, performances, stories about composers and living musicians, understanding the language of music, and connections between music and science, music and other arts.  It is designed for whoever loves to learn and talk about classical music. The topics can span a wide range from instrument making, music in history, literature and visual or film arts. Admission is free.

International Music Exchange

Music is a universal language. Through the Global Friends Program, we bridge the gap and build friendships between different countries and cultures. This program will give musicians an opportunity to become peaceful ambassadors to the world. As musicians from different countries play music and make harmony together, they will understand each other as global family members.


Classical Music For the World’s orchestra is an opportunity where musicians of all ages can get together and make harmony. This unique orchestra will provide the joy of live classical music in the Austin community. We welcome young, adult, amateur and professional musicians to join us! The Admission is free.

Concert Series

Our mission with this program is making classical music performances of the highest artistic value accessible to everyone. CMFW presents professional solo and chamber music concerts featuring distinguished local and international artists. Admission is free.

Chamber Music Class

CMFW offers affordable chamber music classes. Musicians play together in small ensembles such as trios, quartets, and quintets. The class provides a valuable experience of learning music, building friendship, and creating harmony with peer musicians and coaches. There are professional coaching sessions and a formal performance each semester. Final recitals are open and free to the public.

Young Artists’ Concert Series

CMFW provides young, talented musicians the opportunity to perform and communicate with the public through their musical language. We invite select young musicians from all around the world not only considering their level of musicality but also according to their level of involvement in the greater community.